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English Theatre@School: "5xW"

Am 17. Januar 2017 begrüßten die Jahrgänge 9 und 10 das "English Theatre@School" an unserer Schule. An diesem Schultag beschäftigten sich die Schülerinnen und Schüler nicht nur inhaltlich mit dem Theaterstück "5xW", sondern das Stück wurde auch live für sie von zwei englischen Muttersprachlern in der Schule aufgeführt.

Ihre Erfahrungen haben die Schülerinnen und Schüler in "Reviews" niedergeschrieben.


On January 17th, 2017 the theatre at school visited our school. The play 5 x W is about the two characters Gwen and Jason and the director of the play is Monica Bubenheimer.


The story is about Gwen and Jason, who meet in a launderette. She is really interested in Jason but at first he is annoyed about her and he is not interested. Gwen wants to talk to him and starts a new conversation every time but he answers only with short sentences. She is disappointed and at this point and Jason realizes that he is mean to her. Therefore, he apologizes to her and wants to be nice and starts to chat. They like each other and have fun in the launderette. They start to flirt with each other.


The positive aspects about the play are the dialogues. It is easy to understand for German people. The second point is that the music is good and this makes the audience happy. The actors spoke loud enough and it was really funny.

However, here are also some negative aspects, for example the music was a little bit too loud and the costumes weren't beautiful and the actress didn’t fit her role.


Nevertheless, it is a good theatre play for students because they hear how English people speak and how it is correct. It was good to understand and taught us a lot. And I think you can learn English in a better way when you watch theatre plays, series and movies in English; therefore, it is a good learning aid. I would recommend this play to students to improve their English.

Jolina Ehlers, 10d

On January 17th, the 9th and 10th grades of our school watched the play "5 Times W" in our cafeteria. Tuesday was English project day, so of course the play was in English. The female actress came from England and the actor from Scotland.

The cafeteria was turned into a launderette; on the stage were two washing machines and one bench on the right as well as on the left.

The story is pretty simple. Gwen waits in the launderette for her clothes; while she is waiting a boy named Jason comes in the launderette and puts his clothes in one of the washing machines. After a while Gwen starts to talk to Jason, first he doesn’t want to talk to her, but in the end they wait together and talk about life, love and other things. At the end of the play, Jason even mentions some important things, like we shouldn’t pretend to be someone else just to impress others. This is an essential message for young people.

It was not simply a play, but it contained dances and singing performances, which were funny. In addition, the audience was involved in the play with questions from both characters. Even more important is the fact that the play is about current topics like relationships between boys and girls, Pokemon Go and mobile phones. Both actors, as well as the play, were easy to understand, because the English of the two actors was adapted to the knowledge of the students.

Hannah Knees, 10d

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"Don't lose the place" im English Theatre in Hamburg

Die Schüler und Schülerinnen des WPU II "Topical Issues" sowie der komplette 11. Jahrgang waren im November gemeinsam im English Theatre in Hamburg.

Die Schülerinnen und Schüler waren dort zur Aufführung des Stücks "Don't lose the place", welches in englischer Sprache aufgeführt wurde. In ihren Reviews berichten einige Schülerinnen und Schüler von ihren Erlebnissen.


We, the WPU 2 "Topical Issues", watched together with the 11th grade the performance "Don´t lose the place" on November 29th 2016 in Hamburg.

The play, which was directed by Derek Benfield, is about the main character Sylvia. Her ex-boyfriend leaves her and she is desperate, because she wants someone to marry. So she starts to date three possible candidates named Clive, Walter and Eddie. Her friend Jemma visits her, but the three boys visit her at the same time. Now she has to separate the three boys into different rooms and Jemma tries her best to not let the boys talk to each other.

We enjoyed the play because it was interesting, good and easy to understand. The characters spoke loudly and clearly. But we think the costumes could be a bit more fashionable and trendy. At the end the performance was not as funny anymore, because they repeated the same joke over and over. We would recommend the theater for children up to 15 years, because the language was easy to understand; however, the content is something for adults.

Written by Josephin Bobe, 10a


The comedy play  “Don’t lose the place’’ is about a woman whose name is Silvia.

Silvia is a young woman who has been left by her boyfriend. Because of that she decides to date three different men, who are already her fiancés and who have different appearances and characters. Each of them really loves and wants to marry her, but none of the men knows about each other, because of Silvia’s time management. There are always regular days where the men can visit her at the apartment. But one evening, when Silvia wants to spend time with one of her fiancés, whose name is Clive (a young well-built PE-teacher), they are disturbed by Jemma, a good friend of Silvia. Because of her complicated relationships, she doesn’t want that Jemma knows about one of them, so she tells Clive not to lose his place in the kitchen before Jemma leaves the apartment. But Jemma wants to stay overnight unexpectedly.

Clive can’t go back home because his boat winged away, so she has to stay at Silvia’s too.

After that her two fiancés come to visit Silvia unplanned too, Walter, an older man who’s a solicitor, and Eddie the carpenter. After telling Jemma about the relationships, she helps Silvia to keep the two men apart from each other, while they have to stay in different rooms. The two women try to explain to them, who the other men are, but because of different stories and confusing situations, Silvia and Jemma are caught in lying.


I would recommend this play to students up to 15 years, because the most important thing is that you have to understand what the actions are about. Even though the actors are English native speakers I could understand everything what they said. It wasn’t fast and they spoke clearly. It’s a funny play, which has a climax, too. This makes the storyline exciting. The conflicts develop in several stages.

The actors act very realistic, so it seems like a real situation because of their acting. What is also admirable is that they didn’t have any microphones; nevertheless, you could understand everything.

What I think was boring is that there was just one stage so there is only restricted action. But the actors manage it very well with the aid of the light effects. If there is a different scene the lights of the scene are turned off and the actors freeze. The scene which is to be shown is lighted. So we could concentrate on this main scene. The sound effects are fitting in some scenes too, like the sound of the TV or the doorbell. That’s why I would recommend this comedy play to other students.

Written by Diem My Nguyen, 11b


The play “Don´t lose the place“ written by Dereck Benfield is a comedy about Silvia, a women who dates three men. She is doing this because she isn´t sure whom she should marry.

Usually each of the three men gets his time to meet Silvia. But that extraordinary evening the men meet each other. Now it is Silvia´s and Jemma´s turn to separate the men. Jemma has arrived from Paris this evening and is Silvia’s good girlfriend. So the women create a lot of stories to explain to each of the men the reason why the others are at Silvia´s flat and they believe it and wonder what is going on. Silvia likes all the men of course and she can´t decide which one she prefers. All the men have different characters and the three men would like to marry Silvia. The big problem is that the men are talking to each other in the flat. So the two girls are in panic and their only plan is to keep the men apart. In the course of the evening the men figure out that Silvia has promised every single man that she would like to marry him, because she hopes to find the perfect man to marry.

There are a lot of aspects in the play I would like to criticize. First, there are too many repetitions and exactly these make the play so boring. This is the reason that the story keeps going. Another negative point is that the play is presented on only one stage. Because of that there is a kind of restricted action. But on the other hand the stage is split in different rooms. Not all of them are visible to the audience. The next point I want to criticize is that in the play, there is no music but only some sound effects, for example the TV-sound and the doorbell. The most negative point is the very unrealistic ending.

However, there are also positive points to mention. The actors have done a good job and they have spoken very clearly and are easily to understand. And the lighting is used to show different scenes, which is positive too.

I think the play is funny and I can recommend it.

Written by Lukas Seehaus, 11c

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Platz 4 im deutschlandweiten Shakespeare Kurzfilmwettbewerb (Klasse 9/10)

Die Schüler und Schülerinnen der ehemaligen 10a nahmen im vergangenen Schuljahr zusammen mit ihrem Englischlehrer Herrn Ahrens am Kurzfilmwettbewerb „Shakepics“ des Cornelsen-Verlags teil. Aufgabe der Schüler und Schülerinnen der Jahrgangsstufen 9/10 war es, eine Shakespeare-Szene neu interpretiert als Kurzfilm darzustellen.


Der Kurzfilm "Romeo and Juliet – Minecraft" (Romeo and Juliet III/1 – Street fight) von Sören Westphal, Kevin Jahrens, Yorrick Rath und Nico Becker (v. links) schaffte es auf den 4. Platz der Klassen 9/10.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! 

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